Our all-star squad of designers and developers dreams big, works hard and has fun together.

At RealMonkey, it is our belief that a talented, committed, motivated and happy team is the key to delivering winning solutions. We have cultivated an environment at work that encourages our team members to enjoy themselves, to express bold ideas freely and to think collaboratively. Our positive workplace culture ignites creativity and a sense of unity in our people and has enabled us to work on exciting projects and create digital assets that would make any team proud.

  • Aroon Sharma

    Aroon Sharma

    Design Head
  • Abhinav Sharma

    Abhinav Sharma

    Principal Consultant
  • Sushil Sharma

    Sushil Sharma

    Project Head
  • Anil Jangra

    Backend Programmer
  • Dinesh Yadav

    Dinesh Yadav

    Android Programmer
  • Harpreet Singh

    Harpreet Singh

    Frontend Programmer
  • Yashdha Arora

    Yashdha Arora

    UI/UX designer
  • Sirmind Patyal

    UI/UX designer
  • Jai Singh

    Jai Singh

    Social media expert

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