Web design trends 20201

Web Design Trends 2021

To make a long-lasting impression on your visitors your website should look elegant and follow the latest trends. Not all trends live a long life but trends that are stable and offer better usability stays for longer periods. Following a list of web design trends 2021 that will stay for many years to come. Minimalism […]


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All you need to know about social media graphic design trends in 2020

A trend is a form of change and change is inevitable. Social media graphic design is always full of trends, every year something new makes a trend while some stay for longer periods.  But over some time, everything tends to change. Let’s go in the past some years and see what was in trends. Some […]


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why good graphic design matters

Why good graphic design matters for your business

Have you ever thought of design as an investment? If not this article will change your perspective about design thinking. I will explain how good graphic design is vital for your business. Design Council research found that good graphic design can improve sales, profits, turnover, and growth. Using and valuing design brings bottom-line benefits, and […]


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Hotel Mobile App Trends 2020

Hotel Mobile App Trends 2020

With smartphone in hand, travelers are demanding more control over their stay and personalized experiences than ever before. Here we prepared a list of hotel mobile app trends to lookout for in 2020. Today, we live in mobile revolution. It is almost definitively, the use of mobile technology. Wherever we go, and whoever we are […]



Top tech trends in restaurants 2021

Top Tech Trends in Restaurant Industry 2021

Updated on 10 Feb 2021 Glimpse of technologies available for restaurants Emerging technologies like, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are transforming operations of every industry. Restaurant industry is not immune to it. Technological advancements are changing every element of a typical restaurant’s operations, from how diners make reservations to how managers track inventory. Food apps […]


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