5 Proven Techniques to Get Design Inspirations

Friday April 12, 2019

Creative roadblock affects productivity and lead to lack of motivation for designers. Many times this happened and you feel lost and wandering what to do? You need design inspirations to move ahead but on the other hand, your client is waiting for the best design you ever produced. You can’t sit idle or do some other work to get inspire when a delivery is pending. You have to be on track and produce the best.

So what to do for quick creative enhancement?

To overcome this kind of creative roadblock I use several techniques to get design inspiration and here I am sharing my top 5 techniques to get inspirations.

Don’t wait for ideas to come, do some efforts and find them.

Look back again to get design inspiration 

Do a quick review of the basic requirements, what was the task and what was the actual GOAL of the project. This will certainly open up some thoughts, what you have done and in which direction you are going.

Communication & Collaboration

Communication plays key role in design, communicate with client again, ask to your manager or just try to reach out to your team, ask them to review and provide suggestions. You will get some suggestions, some tweaks which might be not in your view, you will definitely get some hints. The least you can get, you will know that are you going in right direction or not (and this is most important).

Whiteboards or sketch pad

Another technique you can use is to go to whiteboards or sketch pad and re-imagine the concept or task on it. Make some rough sketch or just do mind mapping on it. Most of the time you will get a good idea to move ahead.

What others are doing

If above three techniques don't work, don't be disheartened you can always get inspired from other designers. Just don't see some random design work. Go to design galleries like Dribbble, Behance or Muzli and see what others designers are creating and how they are getting motivation for awesome work.
Look for a lot of work and don’t try to copy any particular, just get ideas and move ahead.

Go outside

If all techniques fail then go out, sit alone, read some great books, listen music, chat with your best buddy, play with kids. This will help you to clear your mind and fresh ideas will popup.

That’s all I do in my daily design schedule to find great inspirations if you have any other points please leave the notes, I will append that in my post. Thank for your time to read this, keep reading for more design & inspirational stuff.

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About Author : Aroon is the founder of Realmonkey with 15 years of designing experience. He does all possible design things around him!

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