Hotel Mobile App Trends 2020

Friday December 13, 2019

With smartphone in hand, travelers are demanding more control over their stay and personalized experiences than ever before. Here we prepared a list of hotel mobile app trends to lookout for in 2020.

Today, we live in mobile revolution. It is almost definitively, the use of mobile technology. Wherever we go, and whoever we are with, the use of a mobile device is a near-unrivaled commonality. This year, mobile phone user penetration worldwide is expected to reach 63.4 percent. In January of this year, there were 3.986 billion unique active mobile internet users, and consumers reportedly spend more than 5 hours a day on their smartphones.

Unsurprisingly, the hospitality industry finds itself within the crux of this mobile revolution — a movement that shows no sign of slowing down.

Being a hospitality professional, it is obvious for you to adopt mobile technology in 2020 for your hotel. We researched and prepared a list of hotel mobile app trends you will find in 2020.

What are the key benefits of a hotel mobile application?

Mobile apps allow hotels to connect with their guests and expose their services and offerings through another, more direct, channel - increasing guest engagement and expanding reach with offers and hotel services. 

Having a mobile app also opens up a clear line of communication between hotels and guests. In addition to accessing hotel information, such as services and amenities, guests can check-in remotely, place service requests, order room service, and engage with all the hotel’s offerings, all in a single place. Offering a mobile app is a key differentiator for hotel guests.

1. Use your app to create up-selling opportunities for in-room dining, the on-site spa, activities sponsored by the hotel, and other services to drive an increase in service revenue.

2. Promote special offers, guest services, events, and amenities with targeted messages sent directly to your guests' mobile devices.

3. Capture valuable data about guests' preferences and how they spend their money. Use this data to target in-house guests with personalized special offers and promotions to fill unused capacity at your amenities while simultaneously building guest loyalty and satisfaction.

Hotel mobile app trends 2020

Internet of Things in Hospitality

Your mobile app should allow your guests to have full control over their stay and in-room experience. Guests should be able to use their phones to access their guest rooms, turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat, and access the TV. This is just the first step in crafting a truly smart guest experience. 


By mapping data across multiple guest touchpoints, hotel apps can utilize guest behavior data modeling to personalize guests’ needs throughout their stay.

Mobile Check-In / Check-Out

Guests are increasingly looking for ways to streamline their check-in experience. Hotels are responding by implementing mobile check-in functionality within their apps, enabling guests to skip the front desk and go straight to their rooms upon arrival.

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Key features for your hotel mobile app

View Accommodation

The audience often wants a close-up of the accommodation before making a choice, so the app can always offer an overview, accommodation offers, pool view, room status, photo gallery, suggestions, maps, social media buttons, etc.

In-app Booking

This allows users to book room and facilities from the app. Once the user has chosen a room, they are taken to an easy and safe payment gateway to make the payment, using various payment options such as Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, ApplePay etc. For regular users it is very convenient to book room directly from hotel app without any hustle.

Mobile Check-In/Out

Your mobile app isn't complete without an automated or expedited check-in/out solution. Mobile check-in offers your guests a frictionless way to reduce wait times at the front desk, and, in some cases, bypass the front desk completely.

Mobile Key Integration

It's important that your mobile app offers mobile key functionalities that further streamline the check-in process and reduce costs associated with plastic room keys. 

Guest Messaging 

Selecting a vendor that offers two-way messaging solutions will empower guests to directly interact with your staff. Whether through SMS, in-app messages, or Facebook Messenger integrations, guest messaging enables more streamlined service recovery and improved guest experience. 

Room Service Requests

Your mobile app should allow guests to place service requests, order in-room dining, access hotel information, book appointments at your on-property spa, make reservations for your on-property restaurants, and much more. 

Loyalty Program

Integrations Look for a mobile app partner that has the capability to integrate with your existing loyalty program. Integrating your loyalty program with your mobile app encourages repeat guests to keep the app downloaded on their phones and encourages increased engagement before, during, and after a stay. 

Review and Feedback

The opinions of other guests are a key factor in the decision process of a potential customer, so your app should include a section exclusively meant for this and invite your guests to leave a positive review during and/or at the end of their stay. This way, you can focus the advantages of word-of-mouth marketing towards your app and thus convert more clients, at the same time as you show your existing clients that your opinion matters.

Interactive map of the city

Besides getting hotel information, your guests will most likely look for points of interest on their smartphones, as previously established. Instead of letting your users’ attentions wander towards other apps, have an interactive map available in your mobile app that shows the location of nearby points of interest and the route there from the hotel. Not only does this mean your guests will spend more time in your app, but they’ll also be happy and grateful for the additional service you provided them.

In-hotel shopping

If your hotel has places to shop, use the app to guide your guests to them or, better yet, include an e-commerce feature in your app, so that your guests can easily shop in the app itself and have the products delivered in their room or pick them up directly in the shop.

Local Services & Content 

Promote local services and points of interest to market your location and help guests maximize their stay. 

Requests & Ticket Management 

Offer guests the ability to make bookings with the concierge, arrange transportation, or request more towels right from your hotel app, and automatically create and route tickets for your team to follow up and fulfill. 

Guest Profiles

Guest profile empower you to create a personalized experience for your guest during or up-coming visits.


Integrating payment gateways in mobile app helps your guest to pay you without any hustle.

Locate nearby waiter

This is Augmented Reality powered feature to help your guests to locate nearby waiter. Guests can tap on the app to send notification to nearby waiter and waiter can interact with guests to fulfill requirements.

How do you measure success?

Guest Engagement

Engagement should be measured by a tangible output from guests. This can be represented by # and frequency of app opens, or in-app actions (like # of messages sent, service request submissions, dining orders, etc.) made by guests within a set time period. 

Ancillary Service Profits

By introducing a mobile app, you can reduce staff overhead for guest service while simultaneously increasing revenue from those services. Profit increases can be measured by first determining the staff-hours saved due to service request automation (i.e., reduction in guest service phone call minutes times the average hourly rate for staff who would typically be taking those calls), and subtracting that from ancillary revenue (e.g. spa bookings, room service, etc.) 

Cost Savings

Printing in-room collateral can get expensive. Mobile apps & in-room tablets can reduce that printing cost by hosting all of your compendium information and dining info in a digital format. Many hotels report up to 90% in savings within the printing and paper line on their P&L when adopting an application.

By up-selling amenities, services, “ and ancillaries like room service, late checkout, champagne and spa treatments —hotels can generate additional revenue through their app to generate a return on their investment.

Implementing hotel mobile app

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