Step by step guide to use lead capture app for trade shows

Thursday April 11, 2019

Trade shows and exhibitions are organized worldwide to meet customers, demonstrate products and services to prospects and to generate leads for business.

Trade shows are the main source of Lead generation for B2B companies. They attract thousands of visitors in three to four days of time.

Every trade shows participant wants to meet maximum number of visitors to generate leads for their business. That’s why participants are very busy during trade shows.

To help these busy trade show participants, Realmonkey developed Quick Lead the easiest way to capture leads during events.

Quick Lead is a free lead retrieval app for trade events, exhibitions and conferences. It provides offline lead capture solution at booth to exhibitors.

Advantage of using Quick Lead at events

  • An efficient and cost-effective way to significantly increase your number of leads
  • Save time and improve accuracy with digital lead capture forms
  • Easy to use ready template for lead capture and fully customizable as per your requirements
  • Qualify leads, add discussion notes and take immediate actions
  • It works offline, so you don’t need to worry about internet connectivity in event arena
  • Your data is securely and compliantly stored on cloud and available to you only
  • View, analyze and download your data into Excel or CSV
  • Enable your sales, marketing & event teams to finally track and measure event ROI
  • Statistics for monitoring your performance
  • Quick Lead turns your Android tablet or smartphone into a lead retrieval solution within minutes. Let’s see in details how it works.

Create Account

As a new user, you can login via Google or you can sign up with your email.

After login you will see blank dashboard screen with a floating button to create event. Quick Lead works when you add event in it.

Create Event

You can open create event screen from side menu or floating button on dashboard screen.

Here you fill event details and create your first event.

After creating event, you will see event details with options to create lead capture form.

Create Lead Capture Form

This is the final step before you get ready to capture leads.

This screen has two sections.

First is for basic information about lead. In this section you will ask for user’s contact information.

Here Name, Mobile and Email fields are mandatory for visitor to fill.

We kept these fields as un-editable to offer ease to users.

Second section is fully customizable form builder. You will get a sample lead capture template in the app, which you can easily customize as per your requirement and use it to capture leads.

In the app, we are giving facility to create additional questions in the form of ‘Text Questions’ and ‘Multiple Choice Questions’. You can easily create N number of questions with them. Following is the list of questions you can create on form.

  • Question for short answer
  • Question for long answer
  • Question for Yes or No
  • Multiple choice questions

You can make important questions as mandatory so visitor can’t skip them while filling form.

Suggestion- “Don’t ask too many questions, your visitors will be bothered.”

After you add questions of your choice, save lead capture form and that’s it. You’re ready to capture leads for your event.

Now check dashboard for complete event information and lead status.

Capture lead

This is the digital form for lead capturing. We suggest to use tablets at event to capture leads so you can offer tablets to your visitors to fill details.

Visitor will fill contact details and other questions in the form.

On Quick Lead you can scan QR/Bar code on visitor badge to save time in filling contact information and visitors can directly give answers to your main questions.

To enable QR code scanning, your event organizer should develop QR code in a particular format which is accepted by Quick Lead app, then you can easily use this feature.

We added lead capture floating button on various screens in the app, so you can capture lead on a single tap from anywhere in the app.

Qualify lead

Qualifying lead is a very important feature of Quick Lead. You or your team members can qualify each lead to add status and discussion notes.

During follow-up with leads these notes are very useful and it increases chance of closing. So add notes on each qualifying lead.


Dashboard is the place for you view complete details about event. You can keep your eye on it and make-out how your team is performing in event.

On dashboard you can check number of leads with their status and a live feed of leads with lead name, company. This live feed offers great value to exhibitors. You can glance at feed and get lead information in nutshell with visitor name, company name and qualified status.

Previously to get these details you have to wait till event end. Team were only able to provide you such details after manual data entering. Now all this information is available to you on figure tip.

We categorized leads in three categories “HOT” “WARM” & “COLD”.

You should contact HOT leads immediately during the event or after event, they almost ready to buy from you.

Keep WARM leads in your marketing funnel in top and keep them updating with your products and performance, they will surely convert.

You can ignore COLD leads as they are the waste of time.

Export lead

You can export lead data on your registered email. We understand importance of data and made Quick Lead with full security features. Data is exportable to registered email only. You can export it anytime during or after event.

We send you data in excel format which you can easily import in your CRM or you can use it as it is for lead follow-up.

List of events

Use Quick Lead to store your all events at one place and access them anytime you want.

This is quite useful to compare events, and check lead status of previous events in a glance.

QR code

Fill your basic information in profile section to develop your own QR code, which can be used to share contact details. You can save QR code as image and share it with others to scan and get your contact details or you can print it and paste in booth so visitors can scan and get your contact details in digital form. Forget about printed business cards, this is the easiest way to exchange contact information with visitors.


This is your profile page on Quick Lead app. Here you can fill your basic company and personal details which you want to share with visitors.

Quick Lead is fastest growing lead capture app on Google Play Store. We are adding more features in it gradually to develop it as a powerful tool for event participants.

Please share your feedback with us.

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