A professional website redesign cost can vary according to the needs of your website.

The most important factor is do you need to redesign your website?

Imagine you are excited about a new business partnership.

Right when you agree to make the deal official and they invite you to a shady place.

Well, you might very much call off the deal if you are in your senses.

After all, presentation matters in business matters.

Now imagine your customers landing on a dragging page opening up to clutter with no definite layout.

The browser might just switch to another option.

The Webpage has given rise to a revolution in the mode of transaction.

A major part of the population is turning towards search engines to find what they need.

Hence it’s vital to keep your website up to date according to the current norms and trends.

If your website isn’t faring well on the search engine then it’s high time you analyze your site to zero in the problem maker.

Opting for a professional Website redesign is an investment to achieve your marketing goals and boost your profits.


Types Of Websites & Costing

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to designing websites. Website Redesign cost depends on various factors ranging right from the front end to technical modifications in the back end. Depending on the type, size, and need of your website you can expect to pay anywhere between $500 to $20000 and more in certain cases.


  • Minor changes and updates : 300$ to 450$
  • Basic Redesign (freelancer): 500$ to 650$
  • Basic Redesign (agency) : 800$ to 1000 $
  • Small website( less than 25 pages) : 2000$ to 3350$
  • Corporate Website (50-150 pages): 4000$- 8000$
  • Ecommerce website :8000$- 15000$
  • Database driven website : 15000 $ to 20000$


There are various free DIY options out there but they create restrictive and basic websites. You can opt for a pre-designed template and create a simple website with no technical experience at all.

However, these websites often come attached with a parent website and a very generic look. If you want a more unique and sophisticated user experience then designing the website from scratch is the ideal option.

Though it might cost you more, you can have a website that resonates with your thinking and brand image.


Websites can be broadly divided into 4 categories:

  • Basic
  • Small Business
  • Data-Driven
  • E-commerce


The cost of your website can be roughly estimated from the category of the website you need. Every feature adds to the budget of your website.


Factors Affecting Professional Website Redesign Cost


A professional website redesign cost depends very much on both the complexity and size of our website. While requesting a website redesign quote try to be transparent and specific about needs to avoid costly amendments in your bill.


Website Functionality

The distinction between how your site looks and functions play a crucial role in your web design cost. The looks of your website sure are of utmost importance but functionality takes the lead when it comes to user experience.


Layout & Interface

Visuals are capable of influencing user experience and improving usability. The ability to communicate through color schemes, typography, and images is astonishing. A dull design is one of the most substantial reasons to revamp your website. After all, user experience dictates the bounce-off rate on your website. An attractive layout with quality images can make wonders for your site.



Integration of payment gateways, content management systems, software solutions,s or live chat can affect the budget drastically. You might as well need to upgrade previous tools or plugins as they may not function well with the redesigned interface.



The growth of your business depends on user engagement. SEO(Search Engine Optimization)is a major defining factor when it comes to effective brand communication methods. Rewiring and improving the content, link building (internal as well as external) competitor research, keyword research, and inclusion are all parts to get the big picture together.


SSL Certificate

SSL certificate offers additional security to your website. The padlock sign on the address bar and an additional “s” to the usual “HTTP” stand for secure. Websites holding SSL certificates add to your credibility in the eyes of your viewers and search engines too.


Invest In The Future Of Your Business

Any additional features like complex interface, additional pages, payment gateway integration, database integration, etc may influence your website redesign costing.

In addition, to redesign cost there is annual maintenance cost and hosting upgrade if applicable.

Hence before opting for a professional website redesign cost it is best to figure out what upgrade or additional features are you looking for in your website.

We hope this helped you outline the method to efficiently invest your money and hit our marketing goals.