Why Redesign

Your website needs a redesign if..

If your website has too much text, it can be overwhelming for your visitors. The long text makes your website looks cluttered and difficult to navigate.
If the messaging on your website takes more than 4 seconds to explain what you do, it will be difficult to hold the attention of your visitors. Make it crystal clear to your audience what you do.
Looks do matter! When it comes to website design, it’s important for your website to look fresh and attractive. Beautiful websites hold the visitors for a longer period of time on the website and increase the chances of converting visitors into customers.
Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and see your website. Are you able to find the information easily? If not, your website is lacking in offering a good user experience.
It’s an alarming time! Prospects will surely attract new and freshly designed websites and you will lose new customers.
Any break in functionality or design can stop your website from working well. It can be simple like the alignment problem of the contact form which doesn’t look good but works. However, it could be serious as your contact form not working at all. If something is not working then it’s time to put together a website redesign strategy.
As your business grows, you need more features and functions to integrate with your website. Like, adding an appointment booking tool will help you to immediately book meetings for you. These new features will help you to automate your workflow and save time.
If you left your website to stagnate for a prolonged period, it starts to look old. Old is Gold but not on the website. You need a fresh look to attract visitors and convert them into leads.
If you don’t share it because it looks old or not functioning properly. Clearly, if this is the case, you’re in need of a website redesign!
When you search for words related to your business, you should see your website on search engine results pages. If your website is not ranking well on Google, and people are not finding it, it is a serious sign, you need to redesign your website.
If your website doesn’t provide a solution to your audience’s problem they will exit your website immediately. Update your website and messaging to ensure you are providing value to your target audience.
If your website is slow and doesn’t load within 5 seconds, a majority of people will abandon it and you lose the opportunity to convert them into leads. Slow loading will hurt your website reputation and SEO ranking as well.
Congrats! You have traffic on your website. However, if it is not turning into leads, then something is wrong with your website. Website user flow should be easy and well defined to motivate them to make a purchase decision.
Over a period of time, your business evolves or you changed the line of business. This makes your website misaligned with your current branding and business.
If your website is not helping you to achieve your marketing goals, make the necessary changes to make sure it does. For example, your Facebook ads should be linked to a proper landing page showing the product in the ads.
Adding and updating content on a website is an absolute necessity. If you don’t have a Content Management System (CMS), you are missing out on improving your website SEO. Adding new content will help you to rank higher on search engines.
This is a good problem to have. With the growing business, you need to reorganize your website and make updates in site navigation for users. Transition your business into the future with a website that drives your growth.
If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re missing out on more than 50% of potential customers. Optimizing your website for mobile devices is very crucial.
Your website is not doing anything for you in terms of bringing leads, selling goods and services, or growing your business. It simply means, your visitors are not finding what they’re looking for.
It is not a hard rule but over a period of 3 to 4 years, technology updates, new design trends are available and Google also prefers the sites which have the latest technology and designs.

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